Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Links are beyond http://

Life without World Wide Web is almost impossible for most of us. The technology is completely into our nerves and I am sure it's going to get into your kids too, genetically. I am sure everyone of us reads atleast something or the other on the internet everyday. However, most people have the habit of forwarding stuff, which even they don't bother to read. This is an inept practice to be followed and relegate.

This situation is analogous to a situation wherein, you are trying to force something on the user, without knowing what it is! This seems completely ridiculous to me and many of my friends. I have strict rules when it comes to WWW ethics.
I am grateful to all the people who like to share information. I thank Mr. Fredrick Noronha for motivating me throughout my career. As Mr Noronha has rightly said "Knowledge is power, share it equitably". We, as Indians, don't have the reading habit inculcated in us. So, I am putting little effort to let people know the importance of sharing information.

Its important for all of us to respect others and their opinions. When people share information it's meant to increase your knowledge or understanding about a subject. One should make it a point to visit the links and read as much as possible. Web links are meant to ease navigation and help user to capture a lot of information is a very short duration of time. Therefore, Links are not a treasure to be hunted, but surely they are beyond http://

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