Monday, July 9, 2007

Voice of India - Intro

I had created this blog around 6 months back but I had neither time nor the motivation to have something of my own. I feel the time has come to speak for ourselves.

Just for an introduction, this blog will host all kind of topics ranging from Latest Technology, Code, Physics, Chemistry, Science , Astronomy, Extra-terrestrial space to Current affairs and not to forget The WTF and the human nature.

Thanks for your contribution and happy blogging.
~root is the state of art~


SmartKid said...

I am forgetting a lot of things these days! Well, movies and music is a part of my life. You will surely read a lot about the showbiz world in my posts.
It was a blunder to forget them!

Unknown said...

ye kye hai bhai?

Rahul Barua said...

wen will u start ....
why don't u start with ur views on the iphone ?
-Samurai Jack