Monday, January 26, 2009

अचार 5 पचरंगा

I have decided to write as frequently as possible on offbeat subjects which I have come across in my life. I did my graduation in NIT Kurukshetra. The best and easiest way to reach Kurukshetra is to board a bus from ISBT Bus Depo and get down at Pipli. Now what has the bus journey to do with the title of this post ?
I am pretty sure, no one would have heard this term ever ! "Pachranga" is a brand of pickle very famous in northern India. If you are travelling on GT Road you would find infinite shops selling this pickle. I checked on Google Patent Search and no patent has been filed till now. If there is no patent, how can it be an international quality without being exported ? I am still wondering how pickle can be such a highly consumed item in households! I still do not have a concrete answer. I asked some of my friends, but I found none of the answers satisfactory. It can't be due to appetite of Jaats or the dominance of a single brand of Pickle. One of the most probable reason for putting the "5 Pachranga" dashboards can be the advertisement value the company pays.
The context is similar to having a freeze sponsored by Coca Cola and stocking all kinds of Cola's in it.Marketing and advertising has penetrated every industry by far greater proportion than is thought of but the figures look deceptive.

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