Monday, January 26, 2009

Bus Ride in Bangalore

If anyone asks me what is the least expensive medium to commute in Bangalore, I would say it has to be a Rick. I am not nouveau riche for making such a statement. AFAIK, if you consider the actual cost of travel, the cheapest medium has to be a BMTC Bus. However, we can't neglect the other hidden expenditures involved when you travel by bus. For example losing your mobile phone, getting your purse flicked. If we apply Hess's law of summation, Rickshaw works out to be the cheapest medium to commute. I am not so good at mathematics, so I am leaving the statistics part for you to work out.
I own a motorbike, and my work timings are flexible. So I prefer to go out on my own. It had been a year since I got my motorbike serviced. I was riding it in a broken-down state for some time. Finally I made up my mind to get my motorbike serviced. I went to the Bajaj showroom from where I had bought it and finished the formalities. I had to reach office somehow! It was damn hot on that day. So I thought an AC Volvo bus is going to be the best option as I had never traveled by AC Volvo before ( and a bus for the last 2 years). You know, all great Laws of Nature always have exceptions. That's the reason we have Exception Handling. Another reason for boarding a AC bus is because they have the signboards written in English. I had to reach MG Road from Manipal Hospital. The people sitting around me seemed to be regular users of AC bus service. No one had patience to even look at me. It took me not more than 15 minutes to reach my destination. I got down at Trinity Circle and walked to my office( barely 5 min walk ). It was a fairy ride.

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