Saturday, January 24, 2009

One less tooth

It's been a long time I have updated my blog. I don't want to give any excuses, rather would like to clarify that I am not as passionate blogger as some of you may be. I love the concept of blogging, but one has to be dedicated and should devote some time regularly to blog. This is my third attempt. Only time will tell whether I make it this time.
Last few days, I was having immense pain in my right-upper jaw while eating. I had been told earlier that the wisdom tooth hasn't erupted properly and has to be removed. I wasn't so brave at that time and kept my decision of hold (Thanks to some antibiotics which relieved the pain). I remembered the poem by Ogden Nash This Is Going To Hurt Just A Little Bit. I still fear the dentist, because of the sharp pointed tools they use and the way they use them.
The next thing was getting the best consultation. I got the reference of a well known dentist in Jayanagar. I called him up to fix up an appointment. He told me that its a complex procedure, and he cant operate ( I had to go to Oral Surgeon ) on me on the same day I take the first appointment. Finally I made up my mind to visit the dentist . So called him and told him approximate time when I ll be coming.
I had to leave office early to make it on time. It took me a while to find the place ( I don't travel so often in Bangalore and South Bangalore is one of the rarest places where I go ). I was pretty relaxed. He examined my teeth and told me that the wisdom tooth is decayed and has to be removed. He also showed me the injury done to my cheek. I could see a small hole ( kinda ulcer). He gave me an option to get the tooth removed right away or some other day. Considering the fact that traveling in Bangalore city is a PITA, I thought that this is the time to go for it. The dentist had to give local anesthesia for doing the extraction. Believe me, it pains a lot when the doctor administers the anesthesia. Its like getting poked in a bone. It took 5 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect. The doc pulled a nice and sharp instrument. He did something and told me to spit. It was all blood. Doc started the operation again. He made a lining on the outer boundary of the gum, picked up a pair of tweezers and pulled the teeth right away. I was happy that it didn't pain.
The doc offered some advice and a prescription of pain killer ( in case it hurts ). The doc was confident that its not gonna hurt. It took max 15 min the finish the whole procedure. I was fortunate that it was the upper wisdom tooth. If it was lower the procedure is very complex and as per my understanding the bone has to be cut to get it extracted. I took the extracted tooth with me, thanked the doc and left.
I had to come to office for some work. It was still bleeding and I had to swallow everything. In an hour I could feel the pain and as time passed it got more painful. I left for home, picked up some curd rice and medicines on the way. I could barely open my mouth and it was paining like hell. I called up my cousin who is a dentist and asked her for advice. I finished my dinner and took the painkiller. I slept in 30 min or so. I couldn't sleep, but still tried. When I got up today, it was all fine. As a precaution I decided not to eat anything hard.

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