Saturday, February 28, 2009

First 15K in Bangalore

I have given up a few things lately and trying to drive myself forward with some intense physical activity. The feeling is awesome and I am enjoying every moment of it. I missed the Goan Marathon when I was in Goa. Lately, I had trained myself to sleep like a log on weekends and give some silly excuses (to myself!). I had to get out of it somehow. So I quit boozing and took up running. It's not only able to motivate me to always aim higher but I am also seeing nature at its best. I really recommend that, if you really want to travel around you have to get your 'feet on the street'. Another motivation is a film that I watched in Hyderabad 'The Spirit of Marathon'.
I got up at 5:30 am today(Sunday), warmed up myself and went to my friends place who was supposed to join me for the run. He is a Marathoner (+ultra), so I felt I have to try hard to meet his expectations. Its only because of the support given by some of my close friends that I feel its so easy to run. We started the run from Wind Tunnel road around 6:15 am towards Belur. On the right, is Karnataka Golf Association which I had never heard of. There are CTS and HP offices too. On the left is the HAL Airport strip and other airport establishments. I had never seen the airport so quite and an empty runway. The weather was good, the sun yet to rise. We crossed the Centre for Airborne Systems and National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) on the way. I covered the same stretch to and fro twice. It was close to 8 am when I was really tired as I finished all water I had and I didn't take any supplements. I finished my run at 8, covering around 15K in 1:45 hrs. This is one of my slower run. I am going to improve my speed and consistency and aiming to finish next half-marathon in less than 2 hrs. I have also mapped the route on Social Running Map.

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