Saturday, February 28, 2009

My best bowling score - 177

Last week was a completely action packed week. I enjoyed my 5 day break relaxing in Goa. There was Viva-Carnival, Shivratri which kept me busy all the time in Goa. I met my school friends, and it was real fun. Getting back to work is difficult after tiring journey back to Bangalore. I am tired whatever maybe the mode of transport used. I think its because the 'mind over body' effect.
We had an office outing on the weekend, but at the last minute the outing was compressed to a mere Bowling and Dinner. I would not have gone out for the outing due to personal reasons. IMHO, outing on a weekday makes participation compulsory and works out best. There are only a few addas for Bowling and the most famous one is Amoeba (Church Street). I had been there before last month. Bowling is not a sport as it does not involve power or brain. Its a tricky game. Tricky because no one is quite sure about the rules and terms used in Bowling. If you wanna be a professional you ought to learn some of them.
My first game was just a warm up and I scored 91. There were people playing in 8 lanes and a friend of mine scored 153. I have never scored 150+ and I always admire people who cross the 150+ barrier. It takes a lot of precision and consistency with the ball to be one in that category. In my second game I was simultaneously playing in 2 lanes, just like Home and Away. In Home I was playing to set a new record and in Away it was a heated competition with the 'Bowling Champs'.
In Away it was a close call right from beginning. 3 people were competing for the "Bowling Champs" title. I was 4-5 points behind till the 9th hit. In the last hit my opponents screwed up big time with a 7 and I did a strike and the bonus hit took me to 139. The next highest scores were 134 and 130. I had won the battle of the Champs.
In Home lane it was going great. I did 2 strikes and a 9. I was at 95 in 5 hits. Next 4 hits were not so great and I was at 148 in 9 hits. In the meantime, a friend of mine had scored 161 - The highest score in the house. I had to beat the score somehow and needed a strike for sure. I still needed 14 to beat him. I rolled the ball and wow! it was a strike. I was not thinking about my score, I wanted to repeat it another time. The next hit was a strike too. I was so exited and jumped with joy. I was not confident if I had already broken the best score in the house. People were cheering me for another hit on the second bonus shot. But, I couldn't do it one more time and got a 9. Final score 177. I had setup a new high. This is my personal best and the experience was thrilling. Everyone congratulated me for achieving this feat.
Here is a guide How to Keep Score in Bowling. Finally to end the week on a Happy Note, was a B'day party organized by my friend Rajaram in TGIF. We had a amazing time pub-hopping and bird-watching.

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