Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rockbox on my IRiver H10

I am using my IRiver H10 for almost 3 years now. I have never used it to its full potential till now, blame it on my less traveling. Another reason for not using my mp3 player is beacause my earphones were stolen. I am planning to buy Sennheiser earphones soon. Till I buy them, I wanted some revamp so thought of installing Rockbox. It was out of inspiration, and some support from my roommate Sarath, which made me install it so clean.
I downloaded the manual for H10(pdf) to make sure that I don not screw up my player. I downloaded the latest stable release to make sure everything runs smooth. All you have to do is, unzip the utility and run the installer. The Automatic install is very easy to do from the GUI. First, install the bootloader and then install the RockBox. If you want some more features, you can install fonts and themes. Remove the power cord and USB cord and restart the player and you are done. Rockbox is rocking. My IRiver H10 is so much better now, thanks to Rockbox.

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