Friday, March 20, 2009

Disable Quiz $hit Updates from Facebook

New Facebook is out! I think this time no one is exited about the release. You like it or not, you DON'T have a choice. There are many changes in the new version. The changes are so annoying that FB Suckz !. I am not going in the details about the differences here as I want to pass the useful information I know to get rid of the F#$&ing Quiz updates on your Facebook home page.

Under the assumption that everyone uses Firefox, get the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox. Install the FB Block Quiz updates script from Userscripts. Open Facebook again and you are done. It doesn't work if you view older posts. Will try to find a workaround for it soon.
HTH ! Please post feedback and pass this on to your friends.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Facebook and Twitter Updates

My Facebook and Twitter updates are now available on my blog. Keep Tweeting.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Horn NOT OK Please

Bangalore is the Silicon capital of India. I have been living in Bangalore for almost 5 years now. The city has seen drastic changes in terms of the rise in population, pollution and decrease in awareness for social issues. I see Bangalore as the next Mumbai in terms of the bad things which can happen to a city.

World Health Day is coming up on April 7th. Government and the authorities would have made plans to reach out to the masses and convey the message. But, is anyone listening ? Mumbai attempted a "No Honking Day" last year on World Health Day. The campaign was successful not in terms of imposition, but was able to convey the correct message. This year Mumbai Traffic Police have launched a 10 Day No Honking Drive. There was an attempt to call for a No Honking day in Delhi but it fell on deaf ears.

There are campaigns like NDTV's Greenathon which created huge impact on the society, thanks to the support of NGO's and famous personalities. I read an interesting blogpost which calls for answers to some obvious questions which we encounter almost everyday. My concern is, if a drive is taken up in a particular city, why can't people get the message in other cities? Is it necessary that someone comes to your door every morning and explains you whats permissible and what's not ? We are moving towards 100% literacy soon, but I feel even if that happens the people will always be impatient. If this is the case, the Government should start measures right away to deflate the cities.
I would be happy if I hear from people, how we can launch such awareness campaigns in Bangalore and other cities.

PS - Do have a look at the Earth Hour Global Campaign.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

100 miles on my Nike Bowerman shoes

Its been almost 5-6 weeks since I got my new Nike Bowerman series shoes. The shoes are specifically designed for extra cushion, thus having least impact when your foot hits the ground. I am having fantastic time using the shoes and I have run more than 100 miles in the last 5 weeks.

RFL has been the source of inspiration for me and the "Runners High" feeling makes me go on and on. There are some gadgets available which help you track the distance covered with the shoes. I personally like Social Running Map and GMaps Pedometer. There are also other
sites like Mapmyrun, WalkJogRun , FavoriteRun and RunningLog which are considered pretty good and user friendly. Most of the sites are best designed for view in United States as maps are updated with zoom possible with high resolution.

Some of the features which make the site better are
-> You should be able to enter routes without logging in.
-> You should be able to share the running routes with your friends ( as links )
-> You should be able to find if anyone else has added the same route, to connect with more runners.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Social Are You ?

I was just trying to see where I am spending most of the time on weekends. Its either some social events, social drinking or social networking. I thought of making a note of all Social Networks I have logged in to. Except 6 from the below list, I check every network for updates on weekly basis. Now its upto you to decode how social I am. You can check if your favorite username is available.


The list is still growing ...