Friday, March 20, 2009

Disable Quiz $hit Updates from Facebook

New Facebook is out! I think this time no one is exited about the release. You like it or not, you DON'T have a choice. There are many changes in the new version. The changes are so annoying that FB Suckz !. I am not going in the details about the differences here as I want to pass the useful information I know to get rid of the F#$&ing Quiz updates on your Facebook home page.

Under the assumption that everyone uses Firefox, get the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox. Install the FB Block Quiz updates script from Userscripts. Open Facebook again and you are done. It doesn't work if you view older posts. Will try to find a workaround for it soon.
HTH ! Please post feedback and pass this on to your friends.


SmartKid said...

It doesn't work if you click on Home to go to main page. As of now refresh page.

SmartKid said...

Purity script ( ) is much better. It removes Quiz updates from the "Older Posts" too.